McKinley and the Present Pixies


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McKinley is a splendid boy,
as good as he can be.
He lives with loving parents and
his brother, Max, who’s three.

Most days, Mick picks up all his toys
and even all his clothes;
his hair is combed, his teeth are brushed,
and off to school he goes.

But even tip-top boys and girls
have days that aren’t first -rate.
Last Christmas Day at Grandma’s house,
McKinley was not great.

So begins McKinley’s encounter with the Present Pixies, a special group of Santa’s helpers. From the moment McKinley bursts through the door at Grandma’s house he’s caught up in the excitement of Christmas Day. When Grandma Deb wants to take a family picture, McKinley absolutely refuses. All he wants to do is open his presents. That’s when Papa Dirk tells McKinley about his own experience with the Present Pixies.

“If you look close on Christmas Day, you’ll find them very near.
If you’re not good, they shake their heads, and your gifts disappear!”

Will Papa Dirk’s story change McKinley’s behavior? Will McKinley be able to save his presents and his family’s Christmas?

The whimsical illustrations, together with the rhyme and rhythm of the text, create a thoroughly enjoyable experience for children, whether they’re listening to the story or reading it themselves.



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