Meet the Characters


Hi! My name is McKinley, but you can call me Mick. I like swimming, camping, playing hockey, reading comic books, and driving RC cars. My little brother Max and I love going to my Grandma and Papa’s house. My Grandma Debbie always has treats for us, and Papa Dirk tells us fun stories. Sometimes Papa Dirk’s stories even come true! You can read about one of Papa Dirk’s stories in my book, McKinley and the Present Pixies.

Grandma Deb

Hi, I’m Grandma Deb! I love baking sweet treats for my family. “You are what you eat” I always say. So I make sure my whole family is sweet. But more importantly, I love spending time with my grandkids. They each have a way of making my heart smile. You’ll see what I mean when you read McKinley and the Present Pixies.

Papa Dirk

Howdy! I’m Papa Dirk. Just like Grandma Deb, I enjoy spending time with our grandkids. I also like telling tall tales, spinning silly stories, FABLING FANTASTIC FAIRYTALES! Sorry, sometimes I get carried away. My grandkids’ favorite stories are about my past, when I was their age. Like when I first met the Present Pixies, magical creatures who make sure kids are acting their best on Christmas Day. My grandkids think some of my stories are silly “Papa fudge.” You can decide that for yourself after you read McKinley and the Present Pixies.


Hi, my name is Max. Guess what? I saw one of the Present Pixies. Really! My brother, McKinley, doesn’t believe me, but it’s actually true! Oh yeah, I also like building things, riding my scooter, and eating my Grandma Debbie’s treats. Catch ya later alligator!

Mom & Dad

Hello, we’re McKinley’s and Max’s Mom and Dad. People are always telling us how great McKinley and Max are. And you know something, they’re right…most of the time! But then there are those days. You know THOSE days. The pouty days or the shouty days. The bad days or the mad days. The yelly days or the tattle-telly days. On those days, McKinley and Max need a little reminder about making good choices. And sometimes Mom and Dad get a little help with that reminding. Thank you, Present Pixies!!

Present Pixies

How-do-you-do! We’re Present Pixies, Santa’s secret helpers. Our job is to make sure you’re good after Santa delivers your presents. We love watching how excited everyone gets on Christmas Day. But if someone spoils our favorite day by not making good choices, we shake our heads and their gifts disappear. That’s what happened to McKinley one Christmas Day. You can find out if McKinley got his presents back and saved his family’s Christmas by reading McKinley and the Present Pixies.