And The

Present Pixies


It’s finally Christmas Day, and McKinley can’t wait to open his presents. In fact, he’s so excited that he doesn’t care about anything else. He wants to open his presents NOW!

That’s when Papa Dirk tells McKinley about the Present Pixies, Santa’s magical helpers who make sure you’re good even after Santa leaves your gifts under the tree. If you’re not good on Christmas Day, they make your gifts just go away!

Can the Present Pixies help McKinley remember to be good? Will McKinley save his presents and his family’s Christmas?

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“As a grandparent of seven children, this book tugged at my heartstrings. Even the best-behaved grandkids experience a lapse in good judgment at times. This story beautifully expresses that concept as Mick discovers the importance of being aware of the simplest things that bring joy to those we love. A very relatable story, wonderfully written, and with adorable illustrations. Move over, A Night Before Christmas!”

—Sally Kissner
Executive Director of the Arts Council of South Wood County

“This precious story is an instant Christmas classic! The pixies teach McKinley to rethink his negative behavior and show respect to his grandmother. Subtly, the story is about how kids can get keyed up on materialism. McKinley’s elders remind him that being together as a family is the more important and treasured part of the holiday. Inviting illustrations and natural rhymes are hallmarks of this book that I recommend.”

Elizabeth M. Timmins, public library director
(and self-proclaimed children’s book aficionado)

“Watch out, Elf on the Shelf! The Present Pixies are the new way to teach kids to behave at Christmastime. Will McKinley learn his lesson about continuing to be good on Christmas day, or will the Present Pixies take away his presents for good? In this delightful story, parents and children will eagerly await to see which route McKinley will choose. Based on a true story, McKinley and the Present Pixies is a very good lesson book that encompasses good choices, love, and compassion.”

—Toni Goodall, retired kindergarten teacher

“When a very grumpy moment on Christmas day mixes with a little holiday magic and a lot of love from his family, McKinley’s story reminds us how patience, kindness, and forgiveness bring gifts of their own. The warm illustrations paired with the rhyme and rhythm of the story make this book an especially fun read—for adults and children alike!”

—Lynn Cartier, retired kindergarten teacher
(and grandma of fourteen)

“McKinley and the Present Pixies offers an absolutely endearing resolution to that all-toofrequent moment when a child has difficulty seeing a world beyond themselves. This is a Christmas story I can envision families reading and re-reading for holidays to come. “

—Scott Langteau
Author of Sofa Boy and The Frog at the Window